Junior Lifeguard Letters


"...One simple action taken by one extraordinary lifeguard and coach created a permanent footprint on my heart forever..." 

"...What he did do was encourage me to keep going, getting under the waves by helping me through every step of the way being there at my side when I needed him..."

"...Sometimes I feel worried but my coaches always encourage me..."

"...Being a lifeguard is a very honorable position. To me, it means more than just being a lifeguard. It means to be a good person who helps others voluntarily..."

"...I hope one day to become a beach lifeguard like my dad..."

"...Even if the water is rough, even if their lungs are burning they keep going..."

"...I'm sure that when you see a lifeguard coming to save you, you really appreciate that there is someone that’s caring and willing to save your life..."

"...You lie down, just like a lifeguard would sit and watch the ocean, and when they blow the whistle, you go for the flag just like the lifeguard going to the rescue..."

"...Hanging out with friends, the great weather, and the thrill of going in the ocean all made it fantastic. Those things are all it takes to have the best time in the world..."

"...The Jones Beach Lifeguard program is an extended swim family where we are all one team..."

"...Junior Lifeguards will always be a part of me. I have so many memories from this program..."

"...And I re-thought and decided to become a lifeguard when I grow up..."

"...Hearing him cheering for me and knowing he was watching made me try that much harder..."