Chad Lundwall of Saint James, New York, was a member of the first class of Jones Beach Junior Lifeguards Program. He moved up in the program and ultimately became a Boatswain at Jones Beach Field 6. He worked at the beach for 12 years. He was also a firefighter with the New York Fire Department, #142 Truck, Queens, and was the son of Paul and Lynn Lundwall, and brother to lifeguards Britt and Kimberley. Chad, passed away on November 27, 2011. Chad was with fellow lifeguards and friends at a New York Jets game when he passed away suddenly. Chad grew up swimming and surfing Long Island's many beautiful beaches. He had a profound love and respect for the ocean and nature in general. He was a very polite person and his persona was truly reflected in the love and compassion that his parents and sisters shared with him.  He was polite, articulate, erudite, and always in a positive and joyful mood. He was a talented athlete who used his gifts and his compassion to help others. He is greatly missed by his friends and family. The CHAD LUNDWALL AWARD is given each year to a 14 year old athlete who possesses the wonderful attributes and qualities of Chad.

​John Pompey is the winner of the first annual Chad Lundwall Award that will be given out every year to a junior.  Chad was one of the first juniors to become a lifeguard and in his honor the Junior Lifeguard Program decided to have an annual award to honor him... ~Scott Riegel




The Jones Beach Junior Lifeguard Spirit Award is given annually to a graduating 16 or 17 year old member of the Junior Corps. The athlete should be a long-standing member who possesses an infectious attitude and determination that makes all athletes of the corps want to succeed. He or she should emulate outstanding life guarding skills; strength, speed, and exemplary leadership skills to bring all athletes together working as a team.




The MACHO Award is given to a select group of members of the Jones Beach Junior Lifeguard Competition Team who have demonstrated qualities recognizable by The MACHO Foundation and our affiliates. These qualities should be in line with our core values and philosophy. The MACHO Foundation is dedicated to inspiring and unifying people via our motto, "My Actions Can Help Others" and we believe that the small gestures of good will have potential to make the world infinitely better. Being MACHO is an attitude and a way of life. There is no right or wrong way to be MACHO.  You can champion a cause that's close to your heart, become a champion to a person by supporting them when others have not, or just live your day to day life with kindness. Sometimes something just as small as a smile at a stranger can make more of an impact than you may ever know.