The Jones Beach Junior Lifeguard Competition Team's mission is to specifically train and sponsor a Junior Lifeguard "Competition Team" that will represent the Jones Beach Lifeguard Corps locally, regionally, and nationally at the United States Lifesaving Association (USLA) sanctioned events.

The Jones Beach Junior Lifeguard Competition Team was established by Bob Adler, John McShane, and Steve Levy at the urging of Coach Bob Adler's wife, Margaret.

Back in July of 2000, Margaret Ross-Adler chaperoned a group of athletes to a weekday Junior Lifeguarding Competition. Upon seeing that the athletes did not have a specific coach, she felt compelled to shuffle the athletes from one event to another. Sadly, their daughter, now Lieutenant Katherine Adler, USN, missed one of her events.

Margaret Ross-Adler came home and complained to her husband, Robert, as she referred to him. She was dismayed by the lack of organization, the dismal execution of events, and the overall poor facilitation of responsibilities within the team. She insisted that Robert put his lifeguarding knowledge, motivational speaking skills and leadership talent to use. That same summer Bob did just that. He started the Jones Beach Junior Lifeguard Competition Team. The select young athletes on this prestigious team were chosen from the Sunday Junior Lifeguard Program.

Coach Bob, began a rigorous program that demanded each athlete work to his/her fullest potential in a strict and structured environment. Proper training, the spirit of teamwork, and daily independent practice were emphasized, in addition to numerous push-ups and sit-ups.

The team practiced once a week on Wednesdays, and worked on strength training and endurance. In 2012, due to the generosity of parents and the regular Sunday program, enough funds were raised to purchase Bennett Competition Boards and travel bags. To maintain the competitive edge of the Jones Beach Junior Lifeguard Competition Team, a second weekly practice session was added to increase the training and prowess in the paddle-board competition.

The team continues to be very competitive at the USLA Regional and National Lifeguarding Championships. Try-outs are held every year in June. Only the fastest swimmers and runners are selected. On average, 50 athletes ranging from ages 10-17 are chosen to become elite members of the Jones Beach Junior Lifeguard Competition Team.

Many athletes and parents continue to be grateful to Margaret Ross-Adler for prodding her husband to establish such an outstanding program. Margaret fought 4th stage breast cancer for five years, and sadly passed away in 2007. Margaret Ross-Adler's kind spirit and warm smile live on in the many athletes that participate in the program each year. The team continues to dedicate all of their many praises, laudations, and accomplishments to the memory of Margaret Ross-Adler.

Bob Adler continued to coach the team until 2013, when he took a sabbatical for bilateral total knee replacement surgery. He has been training hard all year and is looking forward to returning as Head Coach emeritus in 2015. Coach DJ Paulson was appointed Head Coach in 2013 and is assisted by Coach Cary Epstein. Together they continue to uphold the ideals and work ethic of Bob and Margaret Adler.



The Junior Lifeguard Competition Team training is held Wednesdays, from 8:15 to 10:15 A.M. at the TBD. The Jones Beach Lifeguard Corps members will coach and train juniors for tournament skills. Coaches will be available to organize the Junior Lifeguard Competition Team at tournaments. Tournament entry fees are to be paid by the competing Junior Lifeguard.  USLA membership included for the competing Junior Lifeguard recognized on the Junior Lifeguard Competition Team.


- Progress as age increase

- Dry land Training

- Push-ups

- Sit-ups

- Entries

- Exits

- Buoy Swimming

- Rescue Line Training

- Complete Rescues

- Multiple Victims

- Beach Flags

- Beach Operations

Competition Team ONLY Equipment

The Junior Lifeguard Competition Team uses specialized equipment including:

- Can Buoys and Bennett Competition Paddle Boards.

- Competition Team T-shirts and latex swim caps are provided to all Junior Lifeguard Competition Team members.

- Team members may utilize their own wetsuits (at practice sessions) and swim fins.

- Competing Junior Lifeguard Competition Team members may purchase team bathing suits at a discount.  Purchasing a team swimsuit is OPTIONAL, yet encouraged in order to portray a more organized and unified team.

- Beanies: Each Junior Lifeguard Competition Team member attending Nationals must have their own “Beanie”. (Beanies are mandatory for Nationals. We will have them available for purchase at $15.00 each with an option for buyback Mid-August)


- MUST be a participant in the regular Jones Beach Junior Lifeguard Program.

- Attend training sessions on time and prepared for rigorous physical activity.

- Maintain a high level of focus to training and competing.

- Dedication to “The Team.”

- Follow coaches directions at all times.

- Be on time and ready to compete at Tournaments (local, regional, national).

​- The registration fee will be $50.00, from all athletes who have made the Junior Lifeguard Competition Team roster.

- Checks to be made payable to: "JB Jr Lfgd Comp Team.


Competition Team TRY-OUTS

Fill out both Competition Team Forms, have them signed by a Parent/Guardian and bring them to the try-out date July 1st, 2019 at 3:00 PM Sign-In at the Robert Moses - FIELD 3 . Vehicle Parking in RM3.

Be ready for an ocean swim, sand run, pushups, and sit-ups. Junior Lifeguard Competition Team will be limited to 50 competitors (determined by tryout and team positions). Review the schedule of Tournaments and commit to competing for the Junior Lifeguards Competition Team. 

Questions please contact:


Brooke Baldassare

Chris Veit ​

Competition Dates

2019 Fire Island Junior Lifeguard Tournament

TuesdayJuly 9, 2019

10:30 A.M. Start

Broadway Beach, Saltaire 

Fire Island, New York

2019 Jones Beach Junior Lifeguard Tournament

Wednesday, July 17th 2019

All Day - East Bathhouse Ocean

2019 USLA Mid-Atlantic Jr. Lifeguard Regional Championships

Tuesday, July 23rd 2019

All Day - Wildwood Beach
4400 New Jersey Avenue
Wildwood, NJ 08260

2019 USLA National Lifeguard Championships
Junior Lifeguard & U19 Championships: August 7th, 2019
Lifeguard Championships: August 8th, 9th & 10th, 2019

New to 2014...

Introduced in 2014 - MACHO AWARD

Please visit

The MACHO FOUNDATION was created in honor of the legacy of Scott Epstein who was killed in an automobile accident on December 27th, 2013 while responding to a family emergency at the home of his children. Scott was widely known and beloved as a character called "Macho Man" that he created to entertain kids. He later abbreviated his nickname to "MACHO" and introduced the acronym "My Actions Can Help Others - MACHO".  He was a mentor, role model and hero to thousands. He was also father to Cary Epstein (Assistant Coach of the Jones Beach Junior Lifeguard Competition Team).

The MACHO Award is given to a select group of members of the Jones Beach Junior Lifeguard Competition Team who have demonstrated qualities recognizable by The MACHO Foundation and our affiliates. These qualities should be line with our core values and philosophy. The MACHO Foundation is dedicated to inspiring and unifying people via our motto, "My Actions Can Help Others" and we believe that the small gestures of good will have potential to make the world infinitely better. Being MACHO is an attitude and a way of life. There is no right or wrong way to be MACHO.  You can champion a cause that's close to your heart, become a champion to a person by supporting them when others have not, or just live your day to day life with kindness. Sometimes something just as small as a smile at a stranger can make more of an impact than you may ever know.

Parent Involvement

Your involvement is critical to the success of the competition team. In addition to all the things you do to enable your child to participate on the team, the team needs your help. We need parents to help with team tryouts (timing and recording of finish results), transportation of equipment (can buoys and Bennett Comp Paddle Boards), assistance at competitions and also for some fund raising to help make sure our team has the right equipment to compete at peak performance. Please contact Laura Baldassare to sign up to do your part to help with the team organization. All help will be greatly appreciated.

Parent Committee

In 2012 the Junior Lifeguard Competition Team Parent Committee was formed to help relieve the coaches of the administrative burden that comes with running a team. This allows the coaches to concentrate on skill development during training sessions. The Parent Committee will work behind the scenes to support the team’s infrastructure. For example, ordering team uniforms, maintaining the database of team members, communications, organizing volunteers, fundraising, etc. Please let someone on the parent committee know if you are interested in helping the committee. The Parent Committee members are:  Laura Baldassare (, Douglas Russell (, Ana Eng (

A word on Sponsorships

The Jones Beach Junior Lifeguard Competition Team would like to offer families, or combinations of families, the ability to sponsor a Bennett Competition Board and Bennett Transport Bag for the team. They may also design their own logo to be screened on the boards and bags. All parents are also asked to solicit local/national company sponsors. This will enable the team to utilize the Bennett Boards for some time in competitions and allow the team to possess boards for both training and actual Competitions only.